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Cincinnati Gravel & Topsoil

Let’s face it, you’re about to buy some dirt or rocks (at least it’s not new tires or a roof). We’ve got more dirt and rocks than you could ever want. And, we’ll deliver them right where you need them. Don’t delay your project anymore, call today.

Sound like a dream scenario? We thought so. Just contact us to schedule a visit.


$16.90 /scoop

or $2.82/bag

premium soil enhancement blend

$26.29 /scoop

or $7.51/bag

soil enhancers/potting soils

$3.76 /bag

Gravels(many types)

$17.84 /scoop

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Our Story: Beauty and Service

The team at Rueve Landscape Company believes that serving others brings beauty to life.

During the past decade, we have evolved into a full service grounds maintenance and enhancement company, serving hundreds of local clients. We also built a retail store and Christmas shop to supply all of your outdoor supply needs.

We enjoy our place as a trusted partner of premiere properties, communities, and business throughout the tri-state. Over time, our clients have become friends and our neighbors have become family.

Making the outdoors beautiful is our life’s work, and we enjoy doing it well. With a team of skilled and licensed technicians, licensed chemical commercial applicators, and landscape installation specialists, our company employs high quality, friendly professionals. They are the type of people that you can trust to work at your home or business.

We give each project the attention to detail that comes with a small company, while enjoying the capability of a large company. Rueve Landscape still believes in the beauty of the outdoors and the joy that comes with serving others. There is only one way to experience what we mean: let us serve you this season.

Phil Rueve, owner of Rueve Landscape

We can deliver to your home or business.

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